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As İsar Engineering; We are committed to taking the necessary measures to work without work accidents, without polluting the environment and without harming people. Everyone working in İsar Mühendislik should be aware of their rights and responsibilities in Health, Safety and Environment issues. Being successful in these areas is very important to the health, safety and security of our employees and the success of our business.

As important as the quality, cost and timeliness of the work we do for ourselves and our customers, safety is at least as important in terms of the nature of our business and working environment.
• Healthy life (preventing harm to humans and other living things)
• Safe working (zero work accident)
• Not harming the environment (Protecting the natural environment in the best way)


• To act in accordance with the laws and to implement an effective HSSE Management System to increase our performance
• To work by setting new targets in line with the standards that rise day by day in order to ensure continuous improvement.
• To prevent possible accidents from occurring and to achieve high work safety performance
• Ensuring customer satisfaction and safety with an effective management system
• To meet the training needs determined by training activities, to raise the awareness of employees by sharing information
• Preparing emergency plans, providing the necessary equipment and materials, increasing the intervention capability with exercises

Environmental Policies

İsar Mühendislik undertakes to comply with the applicable environmental legislation and to fulfill its responsibilities towards the environment.

In our works, we aim to protect natural resources and ensure their rational use, making the least negative impact on soil, air, water and living things. For this purpose, it will pay attention to the use of environmentally friendly and recycled materials.

Our main goal is to minimize our scrap and waste rates in order to ensure the economical use of materials and to minimize their damage to the environment.

Necessary trainings on the environment are given to the personnel of our company at all levels with internal and external training plans. As a result, it is ensured that individuals with environmental awareness are reintegrated into society.

Our Activities;

• Working in accordance with the laws and laws
• Choosing systems that generate less waste
• To ensure that the wastes generated are disposed of in a way that will give the least harm to the environment.
• I undertake to do all these works and activities.

It is planned and maintained.


• High Work Safety Performance achieved by the adoption of İSEÇ YS at every stage of the ISAR ENGINEERING organization and the reduction of occupational accidents with the full support and participation of its employees,

• High efficiency and motivation achieved by creating a healthy and safe work environment,

• Determining and meeting the HSSE training needs and providing information transfer, developing the company culture,

• Preparing emergency plans, providing the necessary equipment and materials, increasing the intervention capability with exercises,

• Using appropriate standards, preparing work instructions and increasing work efficiency and quality,

• Ensuring customer satisfaction and safety by creating an effective product management system with periodic station mechanical and electrical maintenance programs, and reducing negative effects on the environment,

• With an effective waste management, less waste is produced and less money is spent on waste disposal,

• İSAR MÜHENDİSLİK Operation of treatment facilities (sludge sedimentation, oil and fuel separators) with high efficiency and increasing the quality of waste water,

• Carrying out the necessary training and studies to ensure that all subcontractors and their employees perceive the importance and characteristics of a safe and secure working environment at fuel stations and during product transportation as a way of life, and explaining the information and documents obtained as a result of these studies through personnel training meetings and with a report recording at the meeting and delivering training documents to the staff in return for signature.

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