• The pump can suction from at least 3.5 meters (negative level).
  • 4 kW 1500 rpm II 2 G, EEX-D, IP 55, T 4, Cl.F, 400 V, 50 Hz, B3 Ex-Proof motor coupled.
  • Maximum working pressure 17.5 bar.
  • Operating temperature range will be -30 ° C + 140 ° C.
  • It is ideal for liquids with low suction pressure with low NPSH values.
  • With low operating speed, less vibration, less noise and maximum performance are obtained, at the same time, pump life is extended and maintenance costs are reduced.
  • With the balanced impeller system used in the pump, the loads falling on the pump bearing are reduced, thus extending the life of the bearing and reducing maintenance costs.
  • With its DIN 24960 compact design, cartridge type mechanical seal is used, so the end user does not need to hold stock for mechanical seal.
  • It can easily feed the six-gun lpg dispenser.
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