When we interfere with nature (loading or excavating while it is stationary) this will surely come back to us. Even if the prepared project is correct, it creates big problems when it is not done properly. Our company, which aims to ensure that the applied projects are completed smoothly, on time and provide service for a long time (project life), will always be with you business partners with this principle and quality.

Our company offers professional project and consultancy services under a single roof and end to end with its experienced staff, numerous project references and long years of engineering experience. Isar Engineering, which has different service packages for all processes from the idea development stage to the delivery of the product, serves its customers not only as a consultant but also as a business partner as an exemplary institution that is the leader of its sector today.

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You can reach us at isar@isarmuhendislik.com mail address or by calling (0216) 583 10 54.

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