İsar Mühendislik’s entry into the energy sector dates back to the mid-90s. The company’s present foundations were laid with the desire of its founder, Isa ER, to spread his knowledge and experience gained by serving as an expert technical staff in the LPG sector to the whole sector with the Engineering company he established.

İsar Mühendislik has a perspective that follows and uses innovative, international standards and technology, does not compromise on quality service understanding by giving importance to quality and assurance, and offers the highest and fastest solutions to the needs of its customers.

In the energy sector, İsar Mühendislik provides services in the fields of LPG-Autogas, CNG Station and Filling Terminal, LNG stations installation, heating, cooling, ventilation in industrial facilities, Bulk LPG, CNG, LNG project and assembly applications, station service services and all duties that fall into its share. It is proud to fulfill it in the most flawless way up to now.

Jesus Engineering Shell & Turcas, BP Oil Co., Petrol Ofisi AS, Socar, Total and is accredited contractors in Turkey Petroleum distribution company. Over 200 Bulk LPG systems of various scales have been installed in many gas distribution companies, and over 400 autogas stations have been installed with electro-mechanical systems in the same gas distribution companies. Tens of CNG Filling Stations have been installed with the entire electro-mechanical system, and CNG Filling Terminals with very large capacities in the domestic sector have been installed and commissioned.

İsar Mühendislik has made a name for itself with the services it provides abroad to global companies. It proved its knowledge and experience by installing mobile portable systems and fixed filling facilities in Azerbaijan, one of the world’s leading facilities in terms of capacity in the field of CNG, and in many countries of the world in the field of LPG.

İsar Engineering continues to serve the entire energy sector with its experienced and trained personnel structure, and will continue to be with you, our valued customers and partners, with its quality and safe service understanding by adhering to world standards by renewing its structure according to the conditions of the day.

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