When natural gas is cooled down to -162 ° C at atmospheric pressure, it condenses into liquid phase and is called “Liquid Natural Gas” (LNG). The volume of natural gas shrinks about 600 times as it moves from the gas phase to the liquid phase. In this way, a high amount of natural gas can be stored in liquid form by reducing its volume 600 times under low pressures. This situation makes it suitable to transport natural gas by ship and truck tankers to places where it is not technically and economically possible to transport it by pipelines.

The specific gravity of the liquid phase of LNG is 0.46. So its weight is about half of that of water. Filled in a container with a geometric volume of 1 m³ (1,000 lt), the weight of LNG is 460 kg. LNG is colorless, odorless, non-toxic, and non-corrosive. The mixing ratio of the gaseous state of LNG in the air is between 5% and 15% flammable and combustible. LNG is mainly composed of about 90% methane (CH4).

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